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    The development of beverage packaging equipment case

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    According to statistics, the domestic beverage market in 2004, production increased by 22.6% in 2005, production increased by 24%. With the continuous development of beverage market is expected to drink in 2015 production will reach 37 million tons.
         However, the rapid development of the beverage industry can not cover up the cost of doing business the fact that the pressure gradually increased. Looking at the domestic beverage market, the rise in sugar prices and international oil prices brought about by PET prices, so that greatly increased the cost of drinks companies. Still, no beverage companies can raise prices with impunity the product to prevent competition in the market at a disadvantage in terms of price. Enterprises in the face of cost pressures, only in many ways self-digestion and regulation, while the lower part of the cost of packaging costs and thus ease the pressure, no doubt many beverage companies have adopted measures. In this case, the beverage packaging industry is showing some trends.

        The entire line of packaging solutions for more attention by the user

        The entire line of packaging solutions include: blowing, filling, sleeves, packing, etc., which can be viewed in its entirety-line technology, engineering design and planning, personnel management, etc. for the user to save packaging costs.

        It is particularly worth mentioning is that the current beverage production enterprises under the pressure of competition in the market, hopes to develop new products and innovative packaging to meet consumer demand, and thus win the broader market. So in this case, the beverage manufacturer on the packaging line must change to achieve the changes in product packaging. We can cite some examples: for example, a beverage company to change the bottle type, bottle upright into the arc-shaped bottle, or will be changed to square bottle round bottle, which requires suppliers to provide from blowing, filling and packaging with all aspects of The packaging solutions adapted so that the entire production line must meet the bottle type of production requirements, this time over a single equipment supplier to several equipment suppliers faster and more outstanding to complete the transformation.

        With the domestic beverage market growing refurbished product and price competition, the domestic beverage manufacturers expect the global beverage equipment manufacturers to provide more price-competitive solution for the entire line, that is, "Globalsupplier; localsupport". In this demand, domestic and foreign suppliers are different ways to constantly improve their packaging line. Sidel example, through the successful acquisition of the company's top bottling equipment suppliers? ? Simonazzi, as well as strong labeling technology suppliers? ? Al-cutting made in order to have the entire line of beverage packaging to provide capacity for the top suppliers. At the same time, some domestic beverage equipment manufacturers, such as: Guangzhou Tech-Long, Nanjing and light industry suppliers in the provision of low-, medium-speed (18000BPH ~ 24000BPH) beverage packaging line also highlights its potential and advantages, mainly in a very competitive price of the entire line, a good local technical support and after-sales service, as well as relatively low equipment maintenance and so on. In addition, suppliers need to improve the whole plant engineering technical support, consulting, supporting and service capabilities, full range of beverage production enterprises for even greater benefits.

        Aseptic cold filling line application is the general trend

        Aseptic cold filling technology, advantages are mainly compared with the hot-filling process is concerned, and its outstanding product advantages of cold-filling process heating time is short, all kinds of thermal-type nutritional loss is relatively small, product quality and more fresh and more Nature. In addition, its strong package material cost savings is the most popular beverage company to attract an important factor.

        At present, the beverage industry for aseptic cold filling degree of concern the production line has reached a new height, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Master Kang, Huiyuan Beverage and other top manufacturers are considering or increasing the use of aseptic cold filling line. These enterprises without any intent to touch on aseptic cold filling line mainly for three reasons: First: At present, many beverage companies have to upgrade equipment and period, aseptic cold filling line would undoubtedly have been more attention to them;

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